We have a long history in designing digital experiences customized for every screen and device.  Our main goal is to answer our client's needs by offering a custom and personalized solution.  With our devotion to composition we provide user experiences that engage, inspire, and delight.


We specialize in the creative arrangement of imagery, language, music and sound - creating captivating stories that deliver emotion and impact.


Product Education Videos

Product Interview Videos


We bring logos, copy, and images to life through the art of animation and motion design - evoking stronger emotional responses.


Graphic Animation

Motion Comics


Science fiction prototyping (SFP) refers to the idea of using science fiction through the use of creative arts (in this case, graphic novellas) as a means to describe and explore the implications of futuristic technologies and the social structures enabled by them.

Cisco: Two Days After Tuesday [PDF]

Cisco: To Save Tomorrow [PDF]


Touch Screen UI


With a focus on intuitive, we approach interface design with a balance of aesthetics, imagery, and useability.  Our dedication to the best user experience drives the information architecture and is the foundation for both useable and fresh interface designs.

Tablet Applications

Desktop Applications


Winkstink Design is a digital production agency capable of adapting to constant change.  We are a multidisciplinary and innovation focused team made of highly creative personalities who are driven by the desire to build valuable and meaningful experiences.


Our small structure allows us to develop a simpler and more personal way of connecting with the client. We take time to perfectly know and understand the brand/service/product identity. The project is built together, we’re constantly listening to you.



Creative Direction

Video Editing

Motion Graphics

Photo Manipulation

Website Design and Build

User Experience Design

Mobile App Design

Science Fiction Prototyping


Animation Design and Development

Sound Design and Mixing



Search Engine Optimization

Event Marketing

Content Management Systems

Press Printed Collateral

Project Scoping

Budget Development and Management

Schedule Development and Management

Resource Management

Client Relations

Team Building


We are always looking for new, exciting projects and collaborations.

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Sandy Winkelman

Sandy Winkelman

Shyama Helin

Shyama Helin